The challenges I faced during pregnancy included many that are considered typical: morning sickness and energy loss, understanding and accepting my changing body and life, and confronting some serious familial and ancestral patterns and wounds (that aspect of brining a new being into the world cannot be overestimated!). I also had two serious physical complications: an ovarian cyst and breech baby.Ultimately, I had two surgeries during the course of the nine months—one on the ovary, and a cesarean to bring our breeched angel into the world.

Very little about my pregnancy and birth went as I would have planned, yet I do not carry any trauma from the disappointments and difficulties we encountered. My ability to navigate the process with grace was largely due to the fact that I had Carrie’s support. With her, I was able to meet each challenge as it came. Today, I can say that I am at peace with my pregnancy as it was. This makes it easier for me to focus my energy now on being a new mom.

K. McD., Durham, NC

Coming out of a divorce as a single parent, I needed intuitive guidance. I needed healing. My energy was not aligned, and I was not functioning to my highest potential. Working with Carrie in person and now via phone has been life altering. From just one session, you will understand and be astounded by her intuition and ability to raise your energetic levels. You will understand how your past can cause energetic imbalances that are affecting your current circumstances, be it with your job, health, or a relationship. You will be able to overcome obstacles you never thought possible and actualize your dreams with her guidance.  You will feel a difference. I am now happily married and doing things I once thought I could never achieve.
Need more convincing?
The first time I had a session with Carrie, she asked me “Why aren’t you singing?” It was something I had hidden from everyone, and a dream I had given up on. I have now gone on to be in a band, write my own songs, and put out an album! This is only one of the ways working with her has changed my life for the better!
L. J-T., Spartanburg, SC
Carrie is a gifted and intuitive healer, and I am deeply thankful that I found her to help support me on my journey. Her touch and insight are authentic, enlivening and awakening. Her sound healing transports me to another space. I always leave my sessions in a state of relaxed bliss as well as more grounded and more in tune with myself.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are someone seeking to live more fully inhabited in your body and more awake in your life, go see Carrie!
A. G, Chapel Hill, NC

I have had the privilege to partner with Carrie in both sound healing phone sessions as well as physical Lomi Lomi Massage sessions. This form of healing was foreign to me but I was compelled to connect with Carrie through a referral. Honestly, I was hesitant. However, I had tried several ways to find peace through diet, exercise, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. My body, mind, and spirit were still compromised through these activities. Today, the decision to move forward with Carrie was an extraordinary step towards alignment. Working with Carrie has been an incredible experience to create an environment that feels safe to heal and release things that no longer serve me.

Words cannot express the success of the sessions and the formations established through the restoration of my sense of self. Carrie has a gentle way of allowing you to liberate the pieces of you that reduce a sense of peace with your walk and allow the guidance of the life you desire to manifest in a partnership. The phone sessions really had a magnetic way to dislodge the “stuck” feeling while the physical massage deepened the release even more. I find both sessions are beneficial. Phone sessions really are a great step, if geography is a challenge. It is worthwhile if ever you feel like a “hamster on a wheel”.

If inner peace, honoring yourself, or healing yourself, sounds like a great feeling within, I would consider connecting with Carrie, the decision will illuminate your heart allowing your beautiful light to shine even brighter.
What a great feeling.

J. J., Greenville, SC

Carrie is a skilled practitioner and a gifted healer who brings transformational support rooted in deep wisdom to my ongoing journey. Carrie’s potent blend of Lomi Lomi, intuitive sensitivity, and sound healing draws me into a powerfully healing and transformative space, and her degree of presence and dedication to healing facilitates an organic flow that always seems to respond to what my system needs most that day. Her integrity, groundedness, and wisdom shine through in every session, and I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life.

S.S., Carrboro, NC