• Lomi Lomi /Sound Healing/ Intuitive Guidance:  This session is a fusion of modalities that is designed to realign the body, mind and spirit with its own highest consciousness.  The bodywork component is a blend of Hawaiian temple style lomi lomi and meridian therapy.  The sound healing component is toning–I channel in healing energies through my voice.  The intuitive guidance component is information I receive from your energy field and from both of our spirit guides that I share with you at the end of the session.  Ask about receiving a flower essence blend to help support and anchor the work we do in the session after you go home. 90 min. $130
  • Birth work:  For those who are wanting to become pregnant, prepare for birth, or heal postpartum.  90 min.  $130 
  • Flower essence consultation and Sound Healing:  This is a new offering that I’m excited about!  I have felt guided recently to help people get more comfortable using vibrational medicine in their daily lives.  Flower essences are gentle, safe for everyone, and very very effective.  See the resources page for links. There’s no body work in this session,  only energy work, and you get a custom flower essence blend to take home with you.  30 min $55
  • Sound Healing over the phone: Yep, it works!  45 min $75 

I believe my work is most effective when clients come regularly.  Typically, I recommend every two weeks for those who are in any kind of transition or growth period, and once a month for those who are in a time of stabilization.

I do everything I can to make my work accessible to anyone who is committed to their own healing.  I occasionally barter and trade. I will also offer discounts beyond my sliding scale in cases of extreme financial need.  And I occasionally gift sessions if a person is working through an issue that I would like to develop my skills in.  If any of this applies to you, please ask!

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