To prepare for our in-person session:

Know that this type of body work requires that we use a lot of oil. It is nourishing and yummy for the skin, but make sure you wear clothes that won’t be harmed or made uncomfortable to wear by a little bit of natural oil.

Try to create a gentle schedule for yourself after the session. The practice can take us deep emotionally and physically, so it is helpful to have room to feel whatever comes up after we finish.

If you have never received a lomi lomi massage before, you may want to take a look at the Sacred Lomi website under the Resources section, below.

It helps if you come to each session with a general purpose or inquiry for us to explore together. This does not need to be a “problem”, but an intention that will guide us through the session. I recommend that all my clients journal about their chosen theme in preparation for the session and after the session, too, in order to maximize the work we do.  It can also be helpful to write down your dreams.

Please download and bring the Client Release Form to our first session so we can begin to work together toward healing and wholeness.


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